Becoming a member

Individuals wishing to join the LCSP Canadian Branch must contact the Head Office by Post or by E-mail. An Application Form is available for download from this web site, or an information package can be mailed, including an Application Form. Qualification for Membership depends upon satisfying one of the following described categories.

Categories and Qualifications for Membership:

The Society considers its membership as:

Bylaws and Council Guidelines

By-laws of The Society, June 2015
Council Guidelines Manual Of The Society, June 2013
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How To Join

Persons wishing to join the LCSP Canadian Branch, should contact the LCSP Canadian Branch head office.

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Membership Fees For The Society
Fees The membership fee in respect of the current year is payable in full on enrollment, and extends until December 31st of that year. Annual fees thereafter are payable in advance by January 1st of each year. Applications submitted during the year shall be prorated. Applications following April 1st shall be 3/4 of the amount reflected in the yearly fees; following July 1st shall be 1/2 of the amount reflected in the yearly fees; and following October 1st shall be 1/4 of the amount reflected in the yearly fees. GST must be added to all fees.

Full & Associate Members in Canada are also called upon to pledge an additional levy of $20.00 to be called for in part or in full during the year only in the event of a Council decision concerning a need to raise additional funds in an emergency contingency.

Please be sure to send the correct amount with your application for membership.

All cheques, postal orders, etc., should be made payable to “The London and Counties Society of Physiologists Canadian Branch”. The Society's official receipt will be issued in respect of all payment received. These guidelines are in respect of the Rules, Aims and Objectives of the LCSP Canadian Branch and should there be any discrepancy in the interpretation of this and the Rules, Aims and Objectives of the Society, the Rules, Aims and Objectives, will prevail.

Continuing Education

All Associate, Full and Fellowship Members, other than those registered as Retired or Non-practicing, must acquire 40 hours of continued education every 3 years to maintain membership.

Certificate Of Membership

Membership Directory

Link to the LCSP Canadian Branch www directory.

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